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We have already had some nice days, and we hope that many more will follow, because this newsletter is all about the upcoming summer and how you can make the most of your sustainable climate system.


In May, we were able to record four instructional videos in one of the owner-occupied homes that we would like to share with you:



Have a nice summer and you will hear from us again in the autumn newsletter! In the meantime you can reach use during office hours at 088-4275558 and by email via


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Tesse Schram and John Werner

Can I open my windows and balcony doors when the weather gets warmer?

If you open the windows or the balcony door for too long, the house will heat up. Because your house is so well insulated, the heat will linger in the house for a long time. The heat pump can cool, but it is not an air conditioning. The heat pump can cool the house maximum 3 degrees below the outside temperature (per day about 1 degree), therefore it is not air conditioning.


This advice also applies in colder times: if you open the windows or balcony door, the temperature in the house will drop and it will take a long time before the house is pleasant again.


The heat pump will start cooling by itself if the outside temperature is at 19.5 degrees or higher for 24 hours. It puts the heat from your home back into the earth so that it warms up for the winter period.


By the way, for a good indoor climate in your home you do not have to open the windows and doors because your home is well ventilated 24 hours a day.

Ventilation in the summertime

Your ventilation system is standard equipped with a summer bypass. The bypass ensures that the drawn in, often cooler, outside air enters the home directly and is not led through the heat exchanger. This automatic control will mainly be activated at night, in the summer. The outside air is usually cooler than the warm indoor air.


Note: The summer bypass control is not a cooling device, but it ensures that the house stays cool longer in the summer night.


Please remember to regularly clean/change the filters? Please see the instruction video in the introduction.


We recommend 2 filter changes per year and 2 cleaning of the filters with a vacuum cleaner.

How does the ventilation remote control work?

Although the ventilator reacts to the sensors in the home, it is important to increase the fan from time to time in daily use. You have one of these sensors:


  • If you have the sensor with the A and the hourglass, click here for the manual (Dutch language only) 
  • If you have the sensor with the pan and the hourglass, click here for the manual (Dutch language only)


The ventilation of the privately owned apartments is not included in the contract with Next NRG. If you have questions or want to schedule a technician, please indicate this in the HomeDNA portal. They will forward your request to the installer of the ventilation. Residents of the rental apartment can contact us directly for the ventilation.

How can I see how much electricity the solar panels generate?

On the bill of your energy company, you can see how much electricity you delivered back to the network. To see what the solar panels generate, press the gray button of the E-total inverter:


  • Press the gray button twice: you can see the generation of the past 24 hours
  • Press the gray button 3 times: you can see the generation since the solar panels were installed


To check your own consumption: record once a year in the same month what has been generated in total (press 3x button) and subtract the amount of electricity you delivered back to the network and you have your own electricity consumption.


Pressing the gray button once also shows any error codes; you may pass this on to us.