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Autumn has been in the country for the past few days. There is work to be done for the heat pump to heat your home. In this newsletter we give some advice for heating and ventilating your home in the autumn and winter. This way you know exactly what you can and cannot expect from your climate system and how you can solve things yourself.

We wish you a pleasant autumn and winter!


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Tesse Schram

Heat pump in the autumn / winter, what should I take into account?

A heat pump heats your house via a low temperature underfloor heating system. Heating is done very gradually and comfortably. The floor will be between 21 and 26 degrees, so it will always feel "cool", which is quite normal. Within your contract, we guarantee an indoor temperature between 19 and 21 degrees Celsius. If you adjust the thermostat one degree, it takes an average of 24 hours for that one degree to be added. That is why we recommend setting the temperature once and not raising or lowering it afterwards. And to keep the cold out in colder periods by not leaving windows open (too long).

A healthy indoor climate with ventilation

In September we either visited you to replace the filters of your ventilation system, or you received the filters in your letterbox. In the latter case, we kindly request you to place the filters in the fan and then reset the system. Our advice is to turn the filter in March, would you be so kind to put that in your agenda? In this way, together we ensure a healthy indoor climate all year round. In colder periods, the ventilation not only always ensures fresh air in the home, the air from outside is also heated up a bit, see here how this works (Dutch spoken).

Questions about your system

For questions about ventilation in the home, please contact the installer. See the sticker on the fan for this. If we receive any questions you may have about ventilation, as well as your questions about the ventilation service, we will pass them on to the relevant installer. It is then up to this installer to respond quickly and properly, we cannot take responsibility for that. For questions about the temperature in the home, hot water or the generation of electricity via the PV panels, please contact us (Next NRG).

All information about your system together

To make things easy for you, we created a special page where all information about the different climate systems can be found in one place. Think of manuals and instruction videos. You will also find the archive with the previous newsletters there. Handy, right? On this page (Dutch only) you will find frequently asked questions about the climate system. Is the information you are looking not there? Feel free to mail or call us 088 - 4275558 (during office hours, we will connect you to our service partner outside office hours).